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Cube-it Zero the simplest and easiest way to build data cubes for Microsoft Dynamics without needing to learn SSRS or SSAS.
Callum Murray
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Cube it Zero

CUBE-it Zero
Cubes without a Data Warehouse


CUBE-it Zero is an OLAP Cube builder available in a number of editions, which brings building cubes within the grasp of anyone familiar with MS Access or SQL Server.

CUBE-it Zero bridges the gap between Access Queries and OLAP CUBES. CUBE-it Zero extends the reach of OLAP cubes to everyone by enabling the creation of cubes using a simple 4 step process.

Whilst not a replacement for a data warehouse, CUBE-it Zero, delivers fully functional OLAP cubes which need not be SQL Server based, that do not require the foundation of a data warehouse.

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Customer Testimonial
"I thought cubes were only available to expensive specialists until I discovered CUBE-it Zero, now my team can build cubes based on Access report queries and as a result, I'm discovering so much more about the way my business works and can make more informed business decisions.."

Retail Analyst

Built based on decades of real world experience of data warehouse development, and in consultation with Microsoft BI specialists, CUBE-it Zero utilises the cube building technology from our award winning product Data Academy®. For too long data analysis has been the domain of "OLAP Specialist", it's time to dispell the myth and make cubes available to all.


CUBE-it Zero is available in three editions

  • Foundation
  • Personal
  • Professional

Depending on your specific needs there is an edition most suitable to you. Whether you want to build local personal cubes, or server based Analysis Services cubes or whether you want to source your cube's data from MS Access or ORACLE, there is an edition of CUBE-it Zero to help.

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Business Benefits

As a business user CUBE-it Zero delivers the ability to analyse and report in ways that didn't seem possible before. As a technical user CUBE-it Zero delivers a fast and efficient method of producing fully functional CUBE prototypes allowing you to get early feedback on cube functionality.

  • It reduces the cost of the production of OLAP cubes to almost £0.

  • Improves the availability of business information from you existing data.

  • Provides a rapid environment which reduces the time taken to produce both SSAS (SQL Server Analysis Services) based and non-SSAS based Cubes.

Customer Testimonial
"CUBE-it Zero enables you to put together fully functional OLAP cubes without actually having to have detailed knowledge analysis services and other complex technologies."

Development Manager

Technical Overview

CUBE-it Zero is an OLAP cube which leverages the functionality of Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services for building and processing OLAP cubes. It guides the user through a simple process of defining the content and shape of the desired cube

CUBE-it Zero Screens Overview

The process of building cubes takes only four easy steps.

  1. Connect to your data source
  2. Design a report query using the visual query designer
  3. Define the content of your cube
  4. Process and build the cube in a single click

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Technical Benefits

  • Accepts data from SQL Server as a data source (with optional upgrades for other data source types)

  • Uses an intuitive drag/drop graphical interface for building queries.

  • Makes both SQL Server Analysis Services and non-Analysis Service based OLAP Cubes accessible to anyone who can build an Access Query or a SQL View.

  • Easy upgrade path to more function rich versions

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Alternatively, if you have the requirement for a full Business Intelligence or Data Warehousing project, you should check out the full Data Academy® product which can also provide incredible productivity benefits.

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